December 3, 2009

Christmas with wool

At American Quilting we have an abundance of beautiful Christmas wool-applique patterns designed by store owner Amy McClellan.
There are four wool stocking patterns, each containing two different designs for a total of eight different stocking designs.
Patterns are $10 each.
Kits are available of the wool for each of the designs and range between $16-$19.
This coordinating tree skirt is gorgeous.
Pattern $20.
Advent calendar with 12 day and 25 day options.
Pattern $10.
Collection of 12 different Christmas ornaments.
Pattern $6.50
Wool kit available for all 12 ornaments: $26

Wool applique is a beautiful and relatively quick project.
All kits are made of beautiful high-quality 100% felted wool.
To order any pattern or kit please call the store
at 801-802-7841.


tammy said...

Sometimes I think Amy is out to get me because she keeps putting out fabulous patters that I feel I must make! Then my laundry doesn't get done and my family has no hope for food.....

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Loving all the wool. I am not a wool person but I can appreciate and enjoy it.