August 29, 2009

Post-War Sewing Room

After a seven day battle, I came out victorious! Hurray. I now know what projects remain unfinished, where they are and what to tackle first. It helps to throw out the things we no longer need or want.

This is the small closet in my craft room.
It is all organized and all my paperwork is now in binders.

This is the inside of the cupboards.
I organized my fabrics into color/theme/motif and put them into containers.

Look, a countertop!
See my grandkids artwork pinned to the cupboard fronts.
Future designers.

Who knew there was a work surface here?
Not me.

This is my sewing table that has a drop down leg.
This table hasn't been put up in years. It won't stay up for long, projects await.


Cindy said...

Looks like a very inviting sewing space.......ready for creating.

onlymehere said...

This looks fabulous! From time to time we all have to dig out in our sewing rooms/offices/etc.! I love the fact you have all those cabinets. They look like maybe old kitchen cabinets or maybe you're just lucky and have it designed that way. Either way, it's great storage! Cindy

Neabear said...

Looks wonderful now. I am curious. I notice you are saving cardboard boxes, like cereal type boxes in your closet. What do you use those for? I am guessing templates, but I am not sure.

I need to keep going and try to get my sewing space organized.

Carin said...

What a fantastic room!

Silver Scissor Quilts said...

Wow! Maybe if I clean my sewing room it could look like this. Mine looks like the before.